Business Overview

Success Stories

Implementation of lease system package / customized lease development for major trading lease company.
Implemantation of lease system package / customized lease development for local bank lease company.
Implemantation of servicing system for foreign collection agency.
Implemantation of LACS to over 20 leasing companies.

Customer Feedback

We are greatly satisfied with Pro-Act Systems correspondence which went beyond our expectations inspite of the numerous constraints in our request.
Development of Data integration system
Project aim:
To unify all backbone systems of
a leasing company.

The feasibility of this project was questionable at the development stage of this project as the project scope required high man-hours against low budget and limited time. The scope included various data analysis for all systems, unification of the data to design a database for multi-angle utilization, and performance tuning of data processing at night time.
However, after a few meetings with Pro-Act Systems, our worries were taken over by positive expectations towards a successful project. Pro-Act Systems advised solutions from the standpoint of our users and proposed new discoveries even amidst our many scope change requests.
The system was completely implemented in time for our financial reporting and greatly helped us reduce the workload of data integration which used to be tackled with human-wave tactics.
Throught out this project, we were impressed by Pro-Act Systems' sincere and positive intentions as stated in their corporate philosophy.