Who we are

Who we are

  • This job lets us make use of our knowledge on leasing and accounting, and this knowledge is something that we develop and utilize in further projects as well.
    I feel happy when it hits me that I have learned from my past experiences, like when I am able to give advice to my colleagues on things I used to have trouble with in the past.

  • I have taken part in software developments for various companies, and this company is the one I feel most comfortable in.
    The workplace is a great atmosphere to work in - we have a friendly relationship within the colleagues including our president and we are allowed to dress casually as well.

  • Due to our limited number of employees, we are given the opportunity to challenge new tasks if we wish to. We have the chance to learn many things from our colleagues who have a lot of expertise.

  • This company lets you work freely at your own pace as long as you take responsibility for what you do. It is appealing that we are given long holidays from time to time.

  • We are a small company but I take advantage of this.
    I am in charge of maintaining in-house infrastructure, which would be a specialized department in a big company. It is not only our ordinary services that we develop but we can challenge new tasks if we wish to.