Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy


In implementing the information service business, Pro-Act Systems Corporation deeply recognizes that customer's personal information is important information constituting privacy, and when dealing with personal information in business, internal regulations will be established according to the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, improve the organizational structure, and strive to protect personal information appropriately, we will respect the customers and respond to their expectations and trusts for our company.



Acquisition, usage and provision of personal information

We will identify the purpose of using personal information, to acquire, use and provide personal information fairly and properly to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose within the scope of the business activities. In addition, we will take steps to prevent unauthorized use of the acquired personal information.


Compliance with the laws and regulations

We will comply with the laws on personal information, the guidelines established by the government, other norms and social order, and we will endeavor to properly protect personal information.


Appropriate management of personal information

We fully understand the dangers of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage etc on personal information that we are handling, implement reasonable safety measures, and in case of problems occurred, take appropriate corrective actions.


Responding to inquiries

With regards to the personal information handled by us, we respond appropriately when there is an inquiry such as disclosure (Usage purpose notification, disclosure, correction of content, addition or deletion, suspension or elimination of use and the suspension of provision to third parties) or complaint consultation etc from the principal.


Continuous improvement

We will establish the management regulations and management system concerning protection of personal information, implement it with all employees thoroughly, periodically review it, and strive for continual improvement.


 Date of enactment : June 30, 2013

 Latest revised date : June 8, 2018


Pro-Act Systems Corporation

Atsusuke Saito


<Contact for Personal Information Protection Policy>

Personal Information Inquiry Counter

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About personal information handled by us

We are working on the proper protection of personal information based on "personal information protection policy". The personal information that we acquired or possessed for the purpose of our business is informed as follows.

(1)Name of business operator handling personal information

Pro-Act Systems Corporation

(2)Person information administrator and contact

Personal Information Protection Management Officer: Accounting Officer


(3)Purpose of using personal information

Purpose of use of personal information handled in our business activities are as follows.

① Personal information to be disclosed

Types of personal information

Purpose of use

Client information

For business management, various contacts, billing, payment management

Employee information

To use it for operations related to employee management (operation, labor, personnel management operation, salary related operation, benefits welfare operation etc.)

Recruitment applicant information

To use it for operations related to recruitment (information provision about recruitment, employment decision, contact regarding recruitment operation etc.)

Retiree information

To use it for contacting retirees and responding to inquiries from retirees

Inquiry information

To respond to inquiries

Information on principal and representative (upon request for disclosure)

To respond to requests for disclosure etc.


In addition, it is intended to be used as specified clearly in writing.


②Non-disclosure personal information

Types of personal information

Purpose of use

Personal information acquired by the outsourced operation

To use for contracts and the related communication, execution of outsourcing work, aftercare, etc.

Information acquired from the recruitment website

To determine / notify the possibility of employment for the employers


(4)Personal information Inquiry Counter

Complaints, consultations and inquiries regarding handling of personal information, including those related to personal information to be disclosed, please contact the following [Inquiry Counter].


(5)Name of the Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization to which it belongs and
   contact for complaints & inquiries

  We are a member of the following Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization

Name of the Authorized
Personal Information
Protection Organization

Contact for complaints & inquiries

Japan Information Economic and Social Promotion Association

Personal Information Protection Complaint Consultation Office
Address: 〒106-0032
1-9-9 Roppongi (Inside Roppongi Fast Building),
Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan

【This is not an inquiry center about our products / services】


(6)Procedure for disclosure etc.

We will respond promptly to requests for personal information to be disclosed such as the disclosure by the principal (notice, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of contents, suspension or elimination of usage, suspension of provision to third parties) .If necessary, we will respond in a reasonable period and range after confirming that the person who offered is the person himself or his / her representative.


(7)Acceptance Method & Counter for disclosure etc

Please contact the following reception desk if you would like to make a request such as disclosure concerning personal information to be disclosed. If you contact us, we will send you the "Personal Information Disclosure Request" prescribed by us via postal mail or fax, e-mail etc. Please fill in accordingly and submit it via postal mail with the required documents enclosed. (The sending fee will be borne by the claimant.)

After confirming the principal (or the representative), we will reply by delivery of the document. Please note that we may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure etc. if it’s not based on this method.


【Inquiry Counter】

Name of Inquiry Counter

Personal Information Inquiry Counter


Human Resources / Recruitment

O-denmacho1-13, Kingen Building 2nd Floor,Nihonbashi,